Mozart Al Khateeb

Full Stack


.Net Developer

ERP Developer

Mozart Al Khateeb

Full Stack


.Net Developer

ERP Developer


Masters in Computer Science

Full Stack Software Engineer

I Love Programming

ERP & Full Stack Developer

ERP Developer

Front End and Back End

Full stack development

Front End, Back End, Mobile and Desktop Apps

Full Stack Developer & Team Leader
MBT Solutions

Developing windows forms apps (ERP), using C#, SQL server database.

Acting as a conduit between the business, clients and developers.

Implementation of new services, applications and demonstrating them.

Responsible for requirements capture, design, coding, testing and installation.

Providing support & maintenance of existing software.

Creating managing and querying relational large databases.

Working with accounting software (I’ve gained good knowledge in the field of accounting transactions and operations)

Libanel Institue

Courses: VB.Net, Network, Windows Server, Unix, Data Structures and Algorithm, Database

MS-Computer Science
MUBS-Modern University For Business And Science

Developed my programming skills and experience and widened my knowledge in the field of computer science.

BS-Computer Science
MUBS-Modern University For Business And Science

Learned all computer science basics and applied them to several projects.

My Skills
Front End
  • Angular 2
  • HTML / CSS / JS
  • WordPress CMS and WooCommerce
  • TypeScript
Desktop Apps
  • Windows Forms
  • WPF / MVVM
  • Crystal Report
  • Infragistics
  • DevExpress
Back End
  • SQL Server / Database
  • Asp.Net Core Web API
  • Entity Framework Core
  • PHP / MySql
  • WCF
  • Oracle Database
  • Android / Java
  • Ionic 3
  • Xamarin Forms / MVVM / PRISM
  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Jira Bug Tracker
  • Odoo Project Management
  • TFS
Version control systems
  • SVN
  • Git / GitHub
  • TFS
Cloud Platforms
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Azure
  • Shared Hosting
  • Windows Server
  • Linux
  • Docker
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